Course Selection

Course Selection Process
Tucson High School’s master schedule is built from this student course selection process and their course schedule is designed from the choices students make.Because the school schedule of classes is based upon student choices made at the time of registration, it is very difficult to make schedule changes for students who change their mind after the schedule of classes is completed and the teaching staff has been assigned their responsibilities.

What is most important about this process is that you and your child begin to discuss the courses he/she is interested in while considering the following:
Post-Secondary Plans
College and University Requirements/ Recommended Courses/Scholarships; see a college & career counselor if you have questions.

Teacher Recommendations
Talk with your current teachers and consider their recommendations.

Culturally Relevant Courses
If you are looking for a more diverse perspective in English or Social Studies, consider taking one of our Culturally Relevant Courses. Course descriptions will be provided at a later date.

Consider feasibility and workload
Do you have a job or other commitments?/ Are you a JTED student?/ Consider your time management/Are you in extra-curricular activities?/etc.

Opportunity Knocks
If there is a class or elective you have been wanting to enroll in, consider taking the class next year before it’s too late (remember some electives may be subject to auditions or pre-requisites).
Course Selection Guides 2024-2025:
Please check out the video below for how to enter your course selection, there is also step by step instructions if you click here. Most important is that you enter 7 courses and 3 alternates (back-ups) so that you have the schedule you want. Course Requests with less than 7 classes and 3 alternates will be auto generated by the system with leftover openings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What happens if I do not complete Course Selection?
Students who do not enter a course request will have schedules generated by the system with available classes at that time. With the volume of students at THMS, we encourage you to make informed decisions and speak with your Counselor now to complete this process.

What if I changed my mind about the classes I chose through course selection?
Because we have so many students at Tucson High, and all of our classes are scheduled to capacity, we do not change student schedules because they changed their mind, want a different lunch period, want to be in classes with their friends or want a different teacher.

How do I enroll in credit recovery for classes I failed?
Students should schedule an appointment with their school counselor to make a plan for credit recovery.

How do I know if I am on track to graduate?
Students, parents and guardians can check on their progress toward graduation on StudentVue and ParentVue by clicking on the Course History tab. If you have questions about your progress toward graduation, please make an appointment with your school counselor.

Are students allowed to change their class schedule?
Students are allowed to change their class schedule for the following reasons only:
  • Placed in the incorrect level (i.e., 1, 2 vs. 3, 4)
  • Hole in their schedule (no class scheduled for one or more class periods)
  • Not scheduled for any magnet classes for their magnet program
  • Missing a graduation requirement or university entrance requirement
  • Schedule Change Request form

What if I didn’t get any of the classes that I wanted?
If you completed course selection, we will place all students in their first, second or third choices. We do our best to assign everyone their top choices, following with alternates. If those are full or you did not provide enough alternates, open electives are assigned. If you were placed in an intervention class, both the student and a parent or guardian will need to meet with their school counselor to discuss the placement before any changes will be made.

Can I reduce my schedule (take less than 7 classes)? 
  • Students in grades 11 who are on track to graduate, may reduce their schedule to 6 classes. Students in grade 12 who are on track to graduate, may reduce their schedule to 5 classes.
  • Students who are enrolled in JTED may reduce their schedule based on their JTED schedule.
    • Students requesting less than 6 classes (for juniors) or 5 classes (for seniors) due to their JTED schedule, must wait for the district to approve their reduced schedule before they can officially reduce their schedule
  • Complete this AFTER you have entered your course selection with your English class.
  • Reduced Schedule Request form
Course Descriptions
Once you check out the course selection guides for your grade level, feel free to browse the videos and information below for more details about specific classes.
Check out the Videos produced by Mrs. Z's freelance students that give you a good idea of what THMS classes have to offer!

Theater Arts

Jazz Dance


Studio Drawing


Vocal Music (Choir)

Drawing & Painting

Film Acting






Tucson High has one of the most respected programs in the state, winning multiple national, state, and local awards for excellence.  Over the last 25 years, the huge demand for our classes has grown so much that we now have THREE teachers/directors!

One of the reasons for our success is that our curriculum is based on the courses and vocabulary taught in University and Conservatory theatre programs, and that our students learn the same theories and methods from the beginning.  

This means that we do not audition freshmen students for any upper level drama classes, regardless of any previous theatre/drama classes or experiences.  Beginning Drama is the only class available to freshmen students.  EVERY freshman starts with Beginning Drama, without exception.  Musical Theatre and Film Acting are NOT open to freshmen or anyone without first taking Beginning.

Our classes: Prerequisites: Teacher(s):

Beginning Theatre Arts Open to all students Mr. Almquist,

Mr. Martinez


Intermediate Theatre Arts Open to ONLY students grades Mr. Martinez

(upper level class) 10, 11 & 12 who have taken Beginning

Theatre Arts.  Not open to freshmen.


Advanced Theatre Arts Open to ONLY students grades Mr. Almquist

(upper level class) 11 & 12 who have taken both 

Beginning AND Intermediate 

Theatre Arts.  Not open to freshmen.


Film Acting Open to ONLY students grades 10, Mr. Martinez

(upper level class) 11 & 12 who have taken Beginning

Theatre Arts.  Not open to freshmen.


Musical Theatre Open to ONLY students grades Ms. Reed

(upper level class) 10, 11 & 12 who have taken 

Beginning Theatre Arts.


Non-freshman transfer students: sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have taken Drama at a previous school may be placed according to previous Drama classes in which they received a “C” or higher.  Please remember that Advanced Drama is only eligible to Juniors and Seniors. 

Questions that haven’t been answered here?   Art Almquist = [email protected],  Julian Martinez = [email protected], Martha Reed = [email protected]

We are looking for exceptional students to work in the library each period for credit! Maybe you need a chance to show how exceptional you can be! This could be your opportunity!!!!

  • Willingness to learn.                           
  • Excellent attendance record.
  • Commitment to our library program.
  • Ability to attend to details.
  • Permission Slip from Ms. Tara
  • Yearlong commitment
  • Break out of shyness, while learning customer relations skills.
  • Boost your GPA and make a difference in your school.
  • Gain confidence in your unique skills & abilities.
  • Learn valuable information literacy skills that will help you now & in college.
  • Get glowing recommendations for college & job applications from Ms. Tara
  • Learn to read for fun and get credit!!!!!
This Class counts as a Letter Grade
Please come see Ms. Tara in the library if interested.

What does research show about the benefits of language learning?
Language learning :
¨ correlates with higher academic achievement on standardized test measures.
¨ is beneficial in the development of students’ reading abilities.
¨ students transfer skills from one language to another.
There is a correlation:
¨ between second language learning and increased linguistic awareness.
¨ between language learning and students’ ability to hypothesize in science.
¨ There is a correlation between language study and higher scores on the SAT and ACT Tests.
¨ between high school foreign language study and higher academic performance at the college level.
Heritage learners who use their language skills to interpret and translate for family members experience higher academic performance and greater self-efficacy. Extraction from
Schedule Changes

Plan Wisely 

Tucson High School’s master schedule is built from the student course selection process in the Spring. The course schedule is designed from the choices students make during registration. Therefore, changes may not be possible after the semester has begun.

Schedule change requests are only considered in the event of a gross error:
  • credit already earned or course repeat 
  • enrollment in a course without meeting prerequisite
  • missing graduation requirement
  • missing university admissions requirement
For all other extenuating circumstances the student may petition with the Administrator of Curriculum following this process:
  1. The parent/student must meet with the teacher discuss the concerns: What support/interventions has the teacher offered? What does the attendance look like? How many conference/BPH sessions has the student attended?
  2. Implement a plan that demonstrates interventions and supports to make academic progress.
  3. If steps 1 and 2 are unsuccessful in resolving the problem, an administrator is contacted to review the progress of the student and to make a decision about future steps to be taken.
Teacher Change Request
Adressing Instructional Concerns (Parent Teacher Conference)

Tucson High does not make teacher changes for students unless they have previously had the teacher and failed the class. These changes are made before school starts or within the first 10 days of the first week of school.

The counselors, department chairs, and administrators are available to facilitate the solving of problems between students and teachers. The process for problem-solving is as follows:
  1. The parent and student must conference (phone call/zoom/in person) with the teacher, discuss the problem and design a plan to solve the problem: What support/interventions has the teacher offered? What does the attendance look like? How many conference/BPH sessions has the student attended?
  2. If the plan is not successful, the counselor, the teacher, the parent and the student will meet to discuss why the plan did not work and to formulate an alternative approach.
  3. If steps 1 and 2 are unsuccessful in resolving the problem, an administrator is contacted to review the progress of the student and to make a decision about future steps to be taken.