Early College Pathway

What is Early College?

Our Pathway students can earn their Associates in General Education Curriculum (AGEC) and waive their general education requirements to any of the major in-state universities:

  • University of Arizona
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Arizona State University

While at our school with their peers, students participate in an early college, 4-year program.

We're seeking freshmen ready to pursue rigorous education goals and are prepared to excel academically.

Tucson High, in partnership with Pima Community College, has developed this program to give our students an easier pathway to college.


May 15th, 2024


Seats to PATHWAY are limited.
Your seat guarantees support.


Rigorous Education

  • Dual Enrollment Courses
  • AP Courses
  • Certified Faculty

Student Support

  • Badger Power Hour
  • Conference Period
  • Designated Counselor
  • College and Career Counselor Support
  • Quarterly Meetings
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We are the first public high school in Arizona, operating since 1906.

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Ready to start  on a PATHWAY to college?