Athletic Department Contacts
Assistant Principal-V114
Contact Mario Gastellum by email

Athletic Director, Head Wrestling Coach-V 114
Contact Robert DeBerry by email

Contact Anna Badilla by email

Administrative Assistant-V 114
Contact Nydia Ybarra by email

Athletic Trainer
Contact Mike Boese by email
Fall Sports Contacts

Justin Argraves
Contact Justin Argraves by email

JV Football
Jason Holley
Contact Jason Holley by email

Freshmen Football
Reggie Walker
Contact Reggie Walker by email


Girls' Volleyball
Keira Perkins
Contact Keira Perkins by email

Girls' JV Volleyball
Michael Brown
Contact Michael Brown by email

Girls' Freshmen Volleyball


Boys' Golf
Mark Bejarano
Contact Mark Bejarano by email


Girls' Golf
David Clark
Contact David Clark by email


Boys' Cross Country
Santiago Galaz
Contact Santiago Galaz by email


Girls' Cross Country
Bridget Barber
Contact Bridget Barber by email


Boys' Swim
Chris Harrison
Contact Chris Harrison by email

Girls' Swim
Sam O'Shell
Contact Sam O'Shell by email


Ashley Webber


Frankie Grijalva

Winter Sports Contacts

Boys' Basketball
Eric Langford
Contact Eric Langford by email

JV Boys' Basketball
Barry Wilson
Contact Barry Wilson by email

Freshmen Boys' Basketball
Richard Langford
Contact Richard Langford by email


Girls' Basketball
Annette Gutierrez
Contact Annette Guitierrez by email

JV Girls' Basketball
Greta Naranjo
Contact Greta Naranjo by email

Freshmen Girls' Basketball
Felicia Greenhouse
Contact Felicia Greenhouse by email


 Bobby DeBerry
Contact Bobby DeBerry by email


Boys' Soccer
Bel Hassen Haouala
Contact Bel Hassen Haouala by email

JV Boy’s Soccer


Girls' Soccer
David Gutierrez
Contact David Gutierrez by email

JV Girls' Soccer
Shania Pablo
Contact Shania Pablo by email

Anna Badilla
Contact Anna Badilla by email

Spring Sports Contacts

Mark Morris
Contact Mark Morris by email

JV Baseball
Mike Gallego
Contact Mike Gallego by email

Freshmen Baseball
Matt Sierras
Contact Matt Sierras by email


Bert Otero
Contact Bert Otero by email

JV Softball


Boys' Track
Janet Harvey
Contact Janet Harvey by email


Girls' Track
Jason Holley
Contact Jason Holley by email

Assistant Track Coach
Bridget Barber
Contact Bridget Barber by email


Boys' Tennis
Hilda Cortez
Contact Hilda Cortez by email


Girls' Tennis
Jesus Escarcega
Contact Jesus Escarcega by email


Boys' Volleyball
Amanda Larriva
Contact Amanda Larriva by email

Boys' JV Volleyball
Sergio Beltran
Contact Sergio Beltran by email

Boys' Freshmen Volleyball

Coaches Online Paperwork
Travel Packets
The new travel packets are ready for use starting Tuesday, November13th! 
Here is the direct on-campus link: http://intranet/fieldtrips/home.asp

Here is the off-campus link:


There are two packets to choose from, in county and out of county/overnight.
 You can start using them now or you can still use the older forms (below).  

When we come back from winter break (1-7-2019) the older forms will not be accepted.

 There will no doubt be some glitches as the forms are still new, please be patient.
Thank you and please call or email if you have questions.
Debbie Fradkin
Office Assistant
Interscholastics Department
Catalina High School
Phone: 520-232-8650
Fax: 520-232-8656
Email: Contact Debbie Fradkin by email
Coaches Resources
2018-2019 THMS Coaching Handbook

Badger Pride "The Process" Classes begin Friday August 10 at 8:00 am
Coaches, remind your student athletes, our Badger Pride "The Process" classes begin this Friday August 10th at 8:00 am in the auditorium. These classes will be held for the next four weeks on Friday.

Preseason Paperwork
Coaches Paperwork
Field Trip Packet
If you're taking your team to an invitational/tournament in town or out of town you must fill out a field trip packet. Everything has to be typed. You must also submit a separate typed travel itenerary with the packet. Once we return from winter break on 1/7/18 you must fill out the online travel packet. 


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Student Athlete Information
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THMS Athletics Announcements
Spring sports season is almost here!
Hey Badgers! Remember the following dates for Spring sports:

-Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Track, and Boy's Volleyball begin March 1, 2021.

In order to participate in any sport you must fill out the athletic packet and pay your $65 athletic fee!

If you are interested in joining Wrestling, contact Coach Bobby Deberry by email.

2018-2019 Tucson High Athletic Packet Information
Participation Requirements for all Sports
Athletes will not be able to participate in any practices, tryouts, or off season workouts unless they have been cleared by the athletic office. In order for this to happen players need to complete:
Sport Packet
  • a physical on official AIA paperwork, Form A and Form B
  • the online athletic packet, ATS,
  • a birth certificate (Bring in the original and the athletic dept. will 
  • make a copy to keep on file. New athletes only.)
  • a "Brainbook" certificate (New athletes only.)
  • Opioid Education (All Athletes) 


You can get official physical paperwork in the athletics office or print it from the link above. Coaches will receive a list of players who have been cleared before the season/tryouts start. You cannot participate unless your name is on the cleared list. No exceptions.


Any questions? Please contact Nydia Ybarra in the Athletics Office @ 520-225-5014 or contact Nydia Ybarra by email 

2018-2019 Online Student Athletic Packet


Click ATS Athlete Portal

This will take you to the Athletic Trainer Portal login

Athlete ID: new

Password: new

Database: atstucson

Fill in the information
This information needs to be finished before going on to the next section.
You will create a personal Athlete ID (this should be your matric number) and a password midway through this page.
If the last three sections do not apply, type n/a in each section.
Save/ Verify Athlete information.
Click on “Forms” tab.
Use pull down menu to see all 7 forms.
Click on one of the form names and “New” button.

Fill out and save each form.

If you have any questions, please come to V114 or call 520-225-5014
Brainbook Course Instructions
AIA Barrow's Brainbook Course Instructions



Complete the “Brainbook” course by following the steps below:

  1. Go online to
  2. At the top of the AIA website in the red background, look for “AIA Academy” (click on it)
  3. Scroll down and click on the “Register for an Account” button
  4. The “Register” page will come up
  5. The “Start” page will come up
  6. Click on the “Take the Course” blue button
  7. Begin the Brainbook Course (Make sure to type comments for each video shown in complete sentences. Each comment must be two to three sentences long referring to the video.)
  8. Students need to score 80% or better to pass.
  9. At the conclusion of the course, please print the Certificate and turn in with your completed Athletic Packet.


Your signature and certificate code provided indicates that you have completed the Brainbook Education Course mandated by the AIA and State of Arizona.

Any questions? Please contact the Athletic Office in Room V 114 or 520-225-5014

Support Us!
Tax Credit Donations
One of the easiest ways to help support the Tucson High Athletic programs is to make a tax credit donation. Single people can donate up to $200 and married people can donate up to $400 and receive a dollar for dollar refund on their Arizona state taxes. 
  We can use tax credit donations to pay the stipends of our coaches, buy much needed equipment, purchase uniforms, purchase meals, and pay for tournament entry fees/travel expenses.  Without your donations our teams would not be able to compete at the same level as other, more affluent schools.
If you want a tax break on your 2020 taxes you can make donations to our athletic programs through April 15, 2021 .
  Click "Donate Online" and it will take you to the website where you can make an online donation with a credit/debit card. Make sure you specify "Tucson Magnet High School" you can also choose to donate to specific programs instead of the Athletic Department.

If you would like to make a donation through the mail? download the form so you can print out the  form and send your donation to:
Finance Office
400 N. Second Street
Tucson, AZ 85705 
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Support us with tax credit donations!
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